About the Author

Charles Creekmore

Who the Heck Is Charles Creekmore?

I am a widely published poet and freelance writer and the author of a 2003 self-help book, Zen and the Art of Diabetes Maintenance. My work has appeared in the New York Times Syndicate, Psychology Today, Travel & Leisure, National Wildlife, Islands, Runner’s World, AARP, Omni, the Boston Globe, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many other mainstream periodicals. At least 20 literary journals have carried my poetry.

Current Position

I currently work as a writer/editor at the University of Massachusetts College of Engineering, where my job is popularizing scientific research for the general public.

Work History

Among other jobs, I have worked as a science writer for the United Nations Environment Programme in Kenya, a nature writer for the Massachusetts Audubon Society at its Arcadia Sanctuary, and a reporter for several newspapers.


I have served as a volunteer for Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), the United Nations, the Peace Corps, Earthwatch, and a biological expedition tracking monarch butterflies to their overwintering sites in Central Mexico.

Personal Information

I have done meditation for 30 years, running for 55, and birding, nature watching, and hiking for much of my life. I am a Transcendentalist in philosophy, a Buddhist in practice, and a San Francisco Giants baseball fan incognito.

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