A Blueprint for Our Existence

Chapter 5, Part 3

If you’ve ever stood in a flurry of monarch butterflies at one of their over-wintering sites in the mountain ranges of central Mexico, there’s only one question on your mind. How did each fragile knot of tissue and DNA, with the atomic weight of confetti, make its way here from a milky aquamarine chrysalis in New England or someplace else, several thousand miles distant? How did it come flitting and flickering to this particular butterfly site, where many previous generations of monarchs have traveled without the aid of oral communication, compass, sextant, or map?

Monarchs in the air

Each fragile knot of tissue and DNA, with the atomic weight of confetti

One likely answer is the Zero Point Field, which could well serve as the archives of all information from all time for everything in the whole universe. Do monarchs and millions of other creatures tune into brainstorms from outer space?

Some believe the answer is yes. “Researchers discovered that the Zero Point Field contains the blueprint for our existence,” wrote journalist Lynn McTaggart in her book, The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. “Everything and everyone is connected with one another through this field in which all information from all time is said to be stored. Ultimately, everything – from man to matter – can be traced back to a collection of electric charges that are continually in contact with this endless sea of energy. Our interaction with this Field determines who we are, will become, and have been. The Field is the alpha and omega of our existence.”

Ervin Laszlo basically confirmed McTaggart’s reporting in Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything. “Beyond the puzzle-filled world of mainstream sciences, a new concept of the universe is emerging,” wrote Laszlo. “In this concept the universe is a highly integrated, coherent system…Its crucial feature is ‘in-formation’ [information which actually forms, or creates, everything touched by it] that is generated, conserved, and conveyed, and links all its parts almost instantaneously…It transforms a universe that is blindly groping from one phase of its evolution to the next into a strongly interconnected system that builds on the in-formation it has already generated.”

In other words, the Zero Point Field might literally hold the font of all knowledge and the wisdom of the ages.

This unifying field of “in-formation” with its omnipresent coherence and instantaneous trans-universal communication would, among other things, go a long way toward finally explaining some of the thousands of hard-core mysteries in animal behavior, including the transcontinental migration of monarch butterflies, birds, bats, wildebeests, and many other animals. More examples of “in-formed” behavior include the exhausting upriver spawning runs of salmon, herring, and other saltwater fish. In fact, the Zero Point Field would clarify everything from birdsong, to instinct, to human intuition itself.

“In the in-formed universe our brain/mind can access a broad band of information,” Laszlo wrote, “well beyond the information conveyed by our five sensory organs. We are, or can be, literally ‘in touch’ with almost any part of the world, either here on earth or beyond the cosmos. When we do not repress the corresponding intuitions, we can be in-formed by things as small as a particle or as large as a galaxy.”

Is Laszlo’s “in-formation” yet another term for spiritual energy? Do the light waves eddying throughout deep space form the spiritual energy with which mystics have been communing for ages past? Does the energy in the Zero Point Field hold the blueprint for existence? Who knows? Certainly not me. But speculation about the Zero Point Field is truly a fascinating journey into the nano-stuff, nano-substance, and nano-nonesuch of those Transcendental vibes throbbing at the sub-atomic level of being.

Do I believe in the theories surrounding Zero Point Energy? I honestly don’t know. If nothing else, research on the Zero Point Field works to demystify Transcendentalism and make it even more relevant today than it was 150 years ago.

“Transcendentalism meant the immediate experience of the Sacred – the Holy,” said contemporary Unitarian minister Jim Robinson of the Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel in London. “You can experience the Sacred, here and now, in your ordinary life. The experience is an intuition – an inner knowing. It is available to everyone…Each person can experience the underlying Oneness of creation, the Life Force within everything, the Beauty and Love which sustains human life, what Emerson called the Over-Soul.”

a wood duck

To me, nothing could express a coherent universe better than a wood duck’s moss-and-sepia-spangled plumage

Like unto the Akashic Field, the Over-Soul is a spiritual presence that pervades all existence. Emerson referred to it as “that great nature in which we rest—that Unity, that Over-Soul, within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other—We live in succession, in division, in parts, in particles. Meantime within man is the soul of the whole; the wise silence; the universal beauty, to which every part and particle is equally related; the eternal ONE.”

How is 19th-century Transcendentalism relevant today? Connecting all the missing links, spiritual energy = Over-Soul = Akasha = in-formation = Zero Point Field. It’s a cosmic plenum.

Emerson’s passage also describes exactly how I feel each morning in early spring, as I stand in back of my house with binos trained on a harlequin-feathered wood duck couple that nests near the adjacent Harkness Pond. To me, nothing could express a coherent universe better than a wood duck’s moss-and-sepia-spangled plumage, more enlightening than a shooting star scattering cosmic in-formation behind it.

My own experience is that spiritual energy – whether you call it in-formation, the Zero Point Field, Akasha, or anything else – permeates nature. But that doesn’t mean I need science to confirm what I already know.

To me, spiritual energy is the only force you can depend on in a universe based on infinite and instantaneous change at every moment. In the following section, I’ll tell you exactly how to tap into this force.